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Меня всегда волновало,меня одну мучают воспоминания?Не важно какие они. О не счетной любви,или о счастливых радостных моментах,о том как первый раз увидел море,о первой прочитанной книге которая перевернула твою жизнь! Я так часто вспоминаю обо всем и перекручиваю по много раз в своей голове! Вопрос,мне так скучно жить реальным ситуациями?


He’s perfect. I want his records sent to me. This vicious young hoodlum will be transformed out of all recognition.

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Imagining @mydaywithleo

To see more of Joel’s imagined moments with Leonardo DiCaprio, follow @mydaywithleo on Instagram.

For Joel Strong, a locations scout and talent manager in New York City, My Day with Leo (@mydaywithleo) is part joke, part tribute. “He’s an icon who is still relevant,” he says. “Growing up in the ’90s, he was certainly on all of my girlfriends’ walls.”

Sometimes silly, sometimes surreal, each post is like a single-panel comic that hinges on a found picture of Leonardo DiCaprio, clipped from a magazine or book. “I might put a 14-year-old, This Boy’s Life Leo on the body of a grandma,” he says. “Or I might take him to the streets in the East Village where he probably actually walked around in the ’90s with David Blaine and Tobey Maguire, trying to find girls.”

мое море ,там где ты